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It is too hard to find good and useful Values for your SCRIPTS! you are working hard and then If it gets Decrypted! It's a terrible feeling !
So Presenting, Best Lua GameGuardian Encryption that will give your Script a powerful Security!

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Let me answer some Commonly Asked Questions (CAQs)!

How It Works?

Well , it encodes all GG apis (gg. , os. , io. , table. , debug. and math.) , it also encode all strings of Lua ("" , '' , [[]] , [=[]=]) , all function names are hided/encoded and it also Encodes lines as i call it . All This Things What I Told Above , They Are Encoding With Secret Formula Which Is Hided In Chunk Well . This Formula is updating all week , so if anyone will ever find this formula , it will be updated again and again : ) after this , it adds some blockers for anti decompilers , then it does string dump .

Does it BLOCKS Log?

no , i did not add any log blocker , i can't get it's responsibility on myself , but if you will need it , i can give examples of this .

Why Should I Choose TGCompiler?

Reason is that it blocks all decompiler which is created until today (which is publiced until today) , you can be sure that your script can not be full decrypted. it is most strongest encryption in Lua . If You Want This Compiler , PM Me On Telegram : @TopGEO

Now scripts are encrypting on linux and encrypting of them needs minimal time .

Great Pricing Plans

There are Different Pricing Plans that you can Choose for your Scripts!
NOTE : 1 Key can be used for 1 time Encryption .

  • Plan 1
  • $4
  • PayPal/Payeer
  • 15 Keys
  • Expiration 2 week
  • Plan 2
  • $7
  • PayPal/Payeer
  • 30 Keys
  • Expiration 1 month
  • Plan 3
  • $11
  • PayPal/Payeer
  • 50 Keys
  • Expiration 2 month
If You Have Aready Chosen Your Plan And You Are Ready To Buy This Great Service , PM Me On Telegram : @TopGEO